As a business we have been in Carmarthen Town for 23 years… And have made many friends within the town and the local area… And after doing much research into how the COVID 19 virus is spread I realised this is an invisible enemy we are now fighting, and even though our hygiene has always been paramount here at Big Mels I’m no expert in this… YES I am worried financially about the future of our business.. BUT above ALL I care about the health of customers and community. And I urge others in the SAME industry to seriously think about the decisions they make if they continue trading in anyway… We hope to be OPEN again sometime in the future when the government and myself feel it to Safe to do so…..


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Big Mel's Barbershop

Eventually we will be back doing what we love making people look and feel good... But until then I will try and keep our social media active and keep on sharing some of the work we love to do here, while we patiently ride this unpredictable storm together...
This Haircut was the last haircut done in the shop before we went into lockdown by our Barber SAM 👌 💈
UNTIL then stay safe act responsibly and above all just be kind... If you have any concerns of any friends or family with mental health issues with all this extra uncertainty in life now is definitely the time to give them call ♥
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It's was 2 years Today we OPENED the doors to our beautiful new Barbershop... It is quite hard writting this knowing we can't turn that sign to OPEN today... This Barbershop is everything we have dreamed of from a Barbershop and we will be back Stronger than ever and make a party of it when we do ... 💈 ... See MoreSee Less

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Iam Lucky enough to work alongside 2 people I know and Trust... I have always done my best as a boss (leader) TO do right by my barbers... And they have repaid me with understanding.. Patience and the same level of trust while I have sorted there finances.. It was important to me that no one lost there job in this... As we are not only a great team but a FAMILY.

I'm still getting lots of calls and messages from customers asking if and when we are open.. This part is out of my control so please be patient to...
A BIG THANK YOU to those who have sent messages of love and support means alot in these times ♥

WE ARE BIG MELS FAMILY AND WE WILL BE BACK... BIGGER BETTER AND STRONGER not only as a Barbershop but as part of your community x Big love Joey Sarrionandia x

Photo by @desteelphotography.1
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It is going to take Patience and Respect to win this battle...
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