Great to have the the leader of the Labour Party in the shop today… And see how he wants to support local independent businesses… Even gave him a trim up ♥


He’s still rocking… Happy birthday to the main man himself … BIG MEL …. We love you Big G xx

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11 hours ago

Big Mel's Barbershop

So we had a few people laugh at my qoute the other day... "we only judge weather they're a dickhead or not" So my brother Sam kindly did up this picture 😂 not sure if it will have the same impact as a picture of Tom Hardy with a cool quote on mind 😂 .... Big Mels Barbershop #nobullshit ... See MoreSee Less

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So after a bit of a crazy weekend on Social media for us over the weekend... Its Back to Business as usual doing what we do best making people look and feel good about themselves... Santa knows the score.. ... See MoreSee Less

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So after having Jeremy Corbyn visit our barbershop yesterday and posting it on our page of course we received a few mixed comments and yes of course I did expect that.. And only deleted one I thought was a little over the top for a business page...
As a Barbershop owner I meet and talk to people from all walks of life and I'm always respectful of there views.. We are a hard working family with True values ourselves and was good to Talk to Jeremy about some of the concerns I have myself so was Great to have him in the shop to do so.. and was greatful for his visit to hear our own story ..
Anyone who knows us on a personal level will know that we never judge anyone on there Colour... Sexuality.. Religious beliefs... Financial status or POLITICAL Views even if they be different to ours. "We only judge whether there a Dickhead or not" in our eyes of course ... Big love Joey Sarrionandia
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