8th October 2018….We’ve had an awesome day down at UpperKutz Barbershop today… We have always been very proud of what our good friend Mark has achieved with his shop… And know ourselves how much a barbershop can be part of a community and we’ve seen that today in this awesome shop… Also how much people think of Mark, Gemma and his children Seren and Jayden.. So please continue to support this barbershop, they have an awesome talented young barber Jack, who will be taking care of business over the next couple of weeks.. And we hope to make another appearance ourselves in the future, hopefully cutting beside the big man himself… We would like to say a massive thank you to all who came, and also to all those who just donated 🙏 Also thanks to Bridge Caff for supplying some awesome food and Tenby Brewing Co. SandBar for dropping down some refreshments for us… Big love – Big Mel’s!!

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